Wedding Invitation Extras to Splurge On

Are you looking for your personality to be brought through in your wedding invitations but aren’t sure where to add that special touch? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways. Here are Type A’s top eight invitation extras that you can’t resist (and are sure to WOW! your guests).

Type A’s Signature: Custom Laser Cut Pocket Backing

A laser cut pocket backing is the ultimate wow factor! As soon as your guests open up their envelope, they’ll be amazed. Because not only is there a reveal when they take the invite of of the envelope but also once they open the invitation! Pockets are also pretty practical. They keep all the cards neat and tidy, while adding a gorgeous pop of color. We design all of our laser cut backings to match each of our couples taste, style and vibe. We also love incorporating their monogram, which leads us to number two…

Features Shown: laser cut backing, envelope liner, letterpress, & a custom monogram

Features Shown: laser cut backing, envelope liner, letterpress, & a custom monogram

Custom Monogram

We love creating custom monograms for our couples and these are hands down one of our most popular customizations. Why? They can be used everywhere! And are yours to keep and use for whatever you want. Each monogram is designed to match your style and wedding vibe, but also to be used across multiple applications even post wedding. Want to see all the ways you can use your monogram? See our post 28 Ways to Use Your Wedding Monogram.

Lined Envelopes

It’s such a small touch that makes a big impact! Adding a liner gives the suite such a pop of color or surprise pattern. Our favorites are custom liners that we design with custom monograms or artwork. You can also use maps, like Shannon & Eric, or stock solid or patterned liners.

Features Shown: envelope liner, letterpress, custom artwork

Features Shown: envelope liner, letterpress, custom artwork

Custom Artwork

One of the reasons our founder started Type A was to be able to her hands to create art again - and get away from the computer! So we love when our clients are looking for a custom piece of artwork. We specialize in looser watercolors, line art, and vector drawings, all created by hand. We can create whatever you want! We’re also proud to partner with Serena Martin who creates stunning, crisp watercolors with impeccable detail.


Specialty Printing

Letterpress, Foil stamping, or Engraving add an unforgettable touch, quite literally. All of these specialty printing methods are three dimensional so you can actually feel the difference. Don’t know what these printing methods are? Check out our Guide to Printing Methods & Processes here.

Features Shown: silver engraving & green letterpress

Features Shown: silver engraving & green letterpress

Address Embossing

Embossing is like a stamp but instead of using ink, it creates a raised image. So instead of having a handwritten or digitally printed return address, your return address could be three dimensional! This is a great option for couples who already have a permanent home or know they’re not going to move in the next few years, because you can use the address embosser as many times as you want. It’s perfect for sending all your thank you notes after the wedding and holiday cards for years to come.


Wax Seals

Adding one to an invitation suite is like the icing on top! Wax seals add a slight vintage touch to any invitation, but are made completely modern with a couple’s monogram. And just like address embossing, it’s a great thing to have after the wedding to send with any stationery.

Features Shown: monogram wax seal, handmade specialty silver paper, letterpress, & silver foil stamping

Features Shown: monogram wax seal, handmade specialty silver paper, letterpress, & silver foil stamping

Hand Calligraphy Addressing

Classic, elegant and the ultimate envelope upgrade - hand calligraphy takes your invites to the next level. We partner with some of the best calligraphers (all small businesses like us!) to address your envelopes with the perfect calligraphy for your invitation suite design.

A One-of-a-Kind Handmade Guestbook

These aren’t your run of the mill, mass produced blank books. Type A makes every book by hand and just like the rest of our stationery, its 100% custom! We design it with you to match the rest of your wedding stationery. Robb & Matt’s guestbook included their monogram pattern and navy colored pages that their guests signed with copper pens. They even had a polaroid station so their guest could include a picture!