Custom Illustration Wax Seal

Custom Illustration Wax Seal

from 65.75

Includes a 100% solid brass designer die engraved with your custom artwork, and choice of modern wood handle.

  • Brass die is safe to use on any medium including: food, clay, ice, metal, and wax.

  • 100% made to order in North America.

  • Selected size represents the diameter of the brass die.

  • Finished wax seal size will increase by approximately 0.25” once pressed into wax.

  • Total finished size will vary based on amount of wax and pressure used.

*Must also order Custom Minimal Line Drawing. Or supply a print-ready, vector illustration design.

Size Options:

  • 0.75 inch (19mm)

  • 1.0 inch (25mm)

  • 1.25 inch (32mm)

  • 1.5 inch (38mm)

Handle Options:

  • Classic Dark

  • Classic Blonde

  • Classic Black

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