Digital Addressing

Digital Addressing

from 20.00

We print your addressing so you don’t have to hand write it! We design the addressing to match the card design you’ve selected.

One Sided Addressing
The perfect option for a stationery set! You don’t know who you will be sending your stationery to, but you’ll always need to have your return address. Or for other types of cards like Holiday Cards where you know exactly who you’re sending it to, we can include both the recipient’s address and the return address on the front.

Two Sided Addressing
For a little extra style, keep the recipient’s address on the front and place the return address on the back flap.

Once you’ve ordered your Digital Addressing and want to include the recipient’s address, please email a spreadsheet of all the names and addresses to

*Only Available for Cards & Envelopes made and produced by Type A.
If you would like Digital Addressing for cards and envelopes not purchased from Type A, please contact us through the general inquiry form.

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