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Type A's Guide to Printing Methods & Processes

Unless you’re a designer, professional printer, or artist you probably don’t know a lot about printing methods and processes. Deciding on your invitation style can be hard enough before words like “letterpress” and “thermography” get thrown around. That’s why we’ve created this guide, to make the process much smoother and get you in-the-know!

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28 Ways to Use Your Wedding Monogram

We love creating Couples’ Monograms for our clients. But a lot of people ask “what would we use it for"? From incorporating it on your invitation to embroidering it on your bridal robe, the options are limitless! And so too are the monogram designs. They can be traditional, modern, vintage inspired, whimsical, made with first or last name initials.

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Metallics: The Ultimate Addition to Your Wedding Color Palette

Shimmer is glitter’s classier cousin. And there’s nothing more shimmery than metallic shades. Over the last year more and more couples have add metallic hues to their wedding color scheme. It instantly creates a luxurious feel to your invitations and a refined edge to your big day.

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